Welcome to #BiCreActivE Website

The name of #BiCreActivE has emerged from the depth of a creative and reactive mind. It means that we can't be just one or the other but both at the same time.

While creativity is the main goal of each artist designing a website, we should not loose from sight that being reactive is also a predominant quality nowadays.

So, from this point of view, #BeCreActivE is the will to offer the best customer-oriented quality of service, cleverly mixing creativity and reactivity in tailor-made solutions.

Be Creative, Be Reactive, #BiCreActivE !

About Me

I'm defining myself as a passionate person, not for only one domain but multiple points of interests.
After graduating in high school, I had to choose between creative cuisine as a chef or computer programming ...

My first choice was to learn fine cuisine as I was finding more creativity in that domain at this time but I kept computer stuff as a hobby.
After 10 years of hard work in hotel and catering, I decided to quit and redirect myself in a computer related career.

As I couldn't find anyone willing to help me get the desired knowledge, I began to learn on my own, starting with design and computer graphics then computer programming and server administration.

Today, I'm proud of being able to provide a wide range of competences and services with a different point of view.


A panel of my activities



From concept stage to production, I can help you bring your web project to life through every step of the way.
Wether you choose a premade CMS or a tailor-made creation, I will adapt and fit your ideas to the chosen support.

Usual CMS

  • Wordpress / WooCommerce
  • Prestashop



When you need a specific web application or you need to fit an existing one to your needs, together we can find the solution that best suits your expectations in terms of time and budget.

Used languages and tools

  • Front-end : HTML5, CSS3 (with SASS), JQuery
  • Back-end : PHP, MySQL



You're finding web hosting difficult or harrassing and you don't want to bother about this part... I provide a full hosting environnement for web applications based on the latest solutions available.

Typical platform

  • Linux Debian Server with Apache, PHP & MySQL
  • FTP, Mail Transport, DNS and SSL